GC Policy List:

Covid Policy Revised October 2020

Guidebook Revised Per 9 17 PED COVID Response Toolkit 9 23 20 Redline

NAS-NM Temporary Telework Policy 8.26.2020

NAS-NM Telework Agreement

COVID Reentry Guidelines Revised 8-12-20

Standalone Pandemic Attendance Policy 8-2020

Title IX Policy and Grievance Complaint Procedures

Anti-Nepotism Policy

Anti-Nepotism Policy

Background Check Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy 2016

Controversial Issues Policy

Gift Acceptance

Grade Change Policy

Grievance Policy

Head Administrator Evaluation Policy

Maternity Leave Policy

NAS P-CARD Policy and Procedure

NAS Mileage Reimbursement Policy

NAS-NM Internal Controls Policy 2019

New America School By Laws

OMA Resolution Albuquerque

Opt Out 2017

Parent And Child Rights Procedural Safeguard Notice-March 2014

Part Time Resolution 2020-2021 School Year

NAS RIF Policy

Safe Schools For All Students-Bullying Policy 2019

School Attendance Policy 2019

Shared Leave Bank Policy

Staff Handbook

Student Diabetes Management Per NMPED 11.26.19

Textbook And Curricular Materials Policy

Treatment of Religious Issues Policy

Wellness Policy

NASNM Wellness Policy

District Wellness Policy

Special Education Policies: